JDasm: Java Disassembler
Last Modification: 09 February 2011

Comparison Benchmark

First Test: the library BCEL and Javassist are involved in this test; javassist has been used in its two different forms: high level with source compilation, and low level with instruction manual insertion. Both BCEL and JDasm are used to low level manipulate the bytecode.
The test has been performed on a laptop Centrino 1600 Mhz with 512 Mb of ram.
The main purpose was to create an Hallo World class from scratch by using the library's api: here's the code of the four Hallo World class builder:
The class created from scratch will be similiar to this and its structure will have:
The result of the creation is an equal class in each case but the low level implementation of javassist: we were unable to add the local variable attribute to the code of the main method. Nevertheless such attribute is created and added to the method.

BCEL Javassist
high level
low level